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It is always a bit surreal when you see your name on a book, but for me, this is more than surreal. It is the reality that I have not only given birth to a little person, but I said goodbye to him, too. I experienced grief with such intensity that nearly cost me my life. And I survived.

I didn’t survive because I wanted to spend my life living with a piece of my heart missing, I survived because I learned how to appreciate every single moment I experienced with him from pregnancy to his short life. I also learned how to live for this moment, today. I accepted the pain I felt then and the peace I feel today. I released the guilt, blame, and anger. I also looked back and saw just how one little person changed my life.

I saw the good, the bad, and the ugly. I accept each moment then, during, and now. I accept it because I have a very special child whom I carried for 33 weeks, gave birth to, loved, and lost to SIDS. That loss doesn’t define who I am, but it does fuel my passion for helping grieving parents work through their pain to find peace again.

Peace is important. Peace allows us to love without holding back. Peace allows us to embrace this moment of today and enjoy it to the fullest – and this moment is all we are guaranteed. As a grieving parent, this is the time to heal and live for the now. A Gratitude Journal for Grieving Parents will help.
Gratitude Journal and Course for Grieving Parents

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